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Ram's Pizzeria, Murugammal Avenue,Neelankarai, Chennai, Tamil Nadu, 600041


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Pizzas as made in Naples and Rome... There are 5 key ingredients that go into making an authentic Napoli pizza - 1) the yeast, 2) the flour, 3) fresh buffalo mozzarella cheese, 4) tomato sauce, and 5) wood-fired brick oven. At Ram's Farm, we try to do our best in excelling in all of the above, and this is how we do them. We cultivate our own yeast (Natural leavening) versus using commercial yeast, as done in most other pizzerias in India. The advantages are two fold, one on the taste side where the flavour is much more intense and lingering and secondly on the health side where the action of the yeast on the flour is natural and hence breaks down sugars in the flour to components that are much friendlier to the human digestive system. Detailed scientific explanation is available here. We offer our customers a range of flour options from white to whole wheat and combination thereof to get the best of health and taste. We source flours from well known and reputed mills that have been in business for several decades. Starting May 2nd 2013, we started making fresh Mozzarella di buffalo, and that has taken our pizza making process yet another step closer to authentic Neapolitan style. We use pure buffalo milk direct from farms that believe in treating animals in a humane manner, for e,g., no hormones are injected in the animals to enhance greater than normal milk output. We are told by many experts that the taste of our cheese is far superior to the ones available in the market due to freshness and the quality of the milk we procure, and the meticulous process we undertake in making the cheese. If we are not able to meet the demand, we supplement our cheeses with ones sourced from small scale producers that regard quality much above profitability. Tomatoes are hand picked from nearby local markets on a daily basis, and the sauce is made fresh from olive oil, garlic and basil every single day. We do not use any frozen or pre-packaged ingredients in making our sauce. Basil is grown in our garden and we use basil that are plucked within a few minutes prior to making the sauce. Lastly the best part, our wood-fired brick oven. The oven that we engineered and built can heat to over 500 degrees centigrade using wood as fuel. Pizzas take less than a minute to cook at that temperature, and the natural flavours of our fresh ingredients baked inside our oven result in a pizza that we believe are as good or better than one would experience in rustic parts of Southern Italy. With melting fresh mozzarella floating on fresh homemade tomato sauce, and basil from our garden sprucing up the flavor, all of them laid on top of home cultivated yeast dough, as the pizzas come out of the oven, they ought to be as good as what you would find in Naples and Rome. For desserts, we use pure butter and no other forms of fat like vanaspati that are harmful to the heart. We encourage you to visit us, see for yourself how the pizzas are assembled and baked in our oven, enjoy the taste while relaxing in our farm setting.

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